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Parangtritis Exotic Beach in Java Indonesia

Parangtritis, besides recognized by its coastal natural beauty, is famous also as place which of various fossil. Area Parangtritis consisted of Coast Parangtritis, Parangkusumo, and Plateau Gembirowati. In Parangkusumo there are hot water bath pool brim stone believed can heal various disease in. This pool is met and looked after by Sultan Hamengku Buwono VII. Existence area of crafting/ diligence cockle, hotel have International level to Queen Of South , and also dogcart in Parangtritis follow glorious of tourism in this region. this area is reachable through two band, First band through bridge Kretek, secondary through Imogiri and Siluk . Location in Countryside Parangtritis, Kec.Kretek more or less 27 Km from Yogyakarta southerly. Inclusive of this area : Petilasan Parangkusumo, Bath Parangwedang, Mausoleum Syeh Maulana; Magribi, Mausoleum Syeh Advocate Belu, Mausoleum Ki Ageng Selohening, Fish Auction Place TPI Depok, Sand Dune Barchan Attraction / Event Wisata Ceremony Pisungsung Jaladri Bekti Nation, Uparaca Labuhan Alit Kraton Ngayogyakarta,; Labuhan Hondodento, Celebration Peh Cun, Pilgrimage of Monday night of Kliwon Friday Kliwon and, Artistic Title of Night 1 Suro, Artistic Stage of Culture First Day Of Idulfitri And Vacation , Kite Festival, Coastal Volley
Coast Baron the located coast 65 kilometre from town Yogyakarta Via Wonosari this is often utilized by all adolescent to be cross country and camp. . Coast Baron represent bay flanked by green hill wall fulfilled by coconut tree. Do not far from this place there are fish market selling fresh fish cookery various delicious type. Travell to coast Baron can stop by to coast; Kukup, because coast Baron and coastal of Kukup represent one link. Coastal distance is Baron

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Coastal Most Famous in Yogyakarta

Coastal of Parangtritis is one of coast which must be visited, non merely because representing most popular coast in Yogyakarta, but also own related/relevant sliver immeasurablely is other object wisata, like Kraton Yogyakarta, Coastal of Natty Parangkusumo area And. located Coast 27 kilometre from this downtown Yogyakarta.
Naming Parangtritis own separate history. It is said, so called somebody of Dipokusumo representing escapee from Empire Majapahit come to this area hundreds of last year to conduct meditation. When seeing the water drop emiting a stream of from reef gap, he even also name this area become parangtritis, from big knife word (= batu) and tumaritis (= water drop). Coast which is located in that area even also is finally named similar.
Coast Parangtritis represent coast which is the full of myth, believed to represent materialization from union consisted of Natty Mount, Kraton Yogyakarta and Parangtritis. Coastal this is also believed by as place meet it Panembahan Senopati by Sunan is Momentary Kalijaga after finishing to experience ascetization of In that meeting, Senopati reminded in order to remain to lower liver as power though own miracle.
A number of experience tours can be felt in this coast. Enjoying experienced view of course become most important that. Experienced glamour can be peeped from various location and way of so that the view seen by more vary and you even also own different experience. When you stand up on coastal side. visible nature glamor is free sea view is which wide the most with wave splashing which ossify and also the high bank in eastside.
To enjoy it, you can simply
After enjoying view Parangtritis from coastal , you can go to Cave Langse direction to feel different experience. In ground road go to Cave Langse, you can see up at west and witness the beauty of other Parangtritis. Billow Roll going to coastal tepian will be seen by a silver chromatic of because sunshine, and the chromatic will look like gold [of] when sunshine start to squeeze or before dusk. this view Eksotik Satisfy with experienced view is you can enjoy experience wisata of other gone toly is historic place is which is there are coastal Around Parangtritis. One of them is Mausoleum Syeh Advocate Belu which is located in street go to coast. You can go up through doorstep connecting roadway with this mausoleum sakral place hill. Generally, a lot of peziarah come on Tuesday kliwon.
Have visited mausoleum, you can challange him'self to go to Cave Langse, cave which must be gone through walkedly as far as 3 km and through bank as high as 400 metre with inclination angle;corner almost 900. To enter cave which also is often conceived of this Queen Kidul Cave/Mithos, you have to ask permission of door-keeper beforehand. According to one or the other of coast guard of Depok which is in young time often descend cave, you can see view go out to sea more beautiful south so succeed to enter cave.

Area of Funeral of Syeh Belu-Belu

Funeral Area which this sakral reside in the fishing hill. On certain, various one would visit to do the divine here, specially at night of before on Friday and Thursday in day Kliwon ( one of the 5 Java day which “magic" Dune single sand dune in South-East Asia

Sand dune which this menjalar is named by a Dune.
Dune of at this area is phenomenon which seldom be became of by the damp trop. ; even this dune is the single in South-East Asia. Place which is much the same to with this Dune there are in Arab of Saudi and Desert Gobi China
Dune represent the natural reaction formed by during thousands of year. Some type form the scarce Dune is which is there are in Parangkusumo for example : barchan, comb the parabola and sand dune logitudinal " Parangwedang

Parangwedang is rich heat wellspring of mineral obstetrical a lot of nya for example : Na, Cl And Mg. its Unique, Sulphur element which is at most found in hot wellspring is not found here

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Obyek wisata pantai Yogya yang paling banyak pengunjungnya dalah parangtritis